5 Bedroom and Closet Organization Tips For Mom

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We all know closets are the nemesis in any home. We try to keep them clean and tidy but after a while we get lazy and procrastination sets in. Well when it comes to our children the same issues apply but if you can get a method going early when they are first born then you have a real chance of keeping clutter at bay. Here are some closet organization ideas to help keep your child organized.


  1. Every six months or so, take everything out of your children’s closet and decide which items can stay and which should go. You can donate the outgrown items to other people who will still need the.. Chances are you have a family member or friend who could use the hand me downs, and if not, send them to a charity shop.
  2. Reserve the top shelf for your children’s out of season clothing items. Get plastic containers or storage cubes and label them by season. So when it’s spring, keep your winter clothes out of the closet and into the plastic container, and vice versa. That way there is still more closet space for your child to utilize.
  3. Have a hamper basket to place your child’s dirty laundry. So that early on, they can learn the value of closet organizing their clean clothes from their dirty ones.
  4. Hooks are especially important, so be sure there must be at least 3 or 4 of them in their room. It’s a great way to place their coats, hats and sports equipment. Just be sure it’s placed in a height where your child can reach it. This gets them involved in the care of their clothes in a way they can easily manage.
  5. For older children (say 3 and up), a wire closet storage system can be a good choice, allowing them to easily see what’s in each drawer.  This increases the chances of them putting their clothes away in the right drawer, and also makes it easy for you to see at a glance what they have clean. You can even reserve one drawer for clothes that are clean enough to be worn again, so they are not shut in a stuffy drawer getting smelly, but are also not lying around the room.

These childrens closet organization tips are an excellent way to get your baby’s and children’s rooms in order. If closet organization is not a part of your home cleaning regiment then you need to get started implementing them in all of your home closets.

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