Gorgeous Themes for Your Baby Boy’s Bedding & Nursery

Jungle bedding set with lion, giraffe and monkey design
Jungle bedding set with lion, giraffe and monkey design
NoJo Little Bedding Jungle Pals, 4 piece set

Picking the theme is one of the first and most fun choices a parent gets to make when they are designing a nursery. Many nurseries have a common theme that is reflected in the wallpaper, bedding, toys, etc.

Below is a list I have assembled of the most classic themes for baby boy bedding. They are great themes to use, although if you prefer a mix and max approach there is nothing wrong with that either!. You will have a much easier time finding corresponding nursery decor!


Keep in mind that cot bumpers are not recommended for babies under twelve months, as they can contribute to the baby re-breathing the same air, which is a risk factor for SIDS.

The same is true of pillows, stuffed animals, and loose blankets. Blankets should be tucked in tightly, with the baby positioned with her feet close to the bottom of the cot. Many people prefer to use baby sleeping bags in the first year to keep baby warm and safe.

Sleeping bags can also tie in with your nursery theme. Although you may not find one that matches perfectly, you can find zoo or jungle animal themed sleeping bags, moon and stars bags, and giraffe sleeping bags or even Winnie the Pooh sleeping bags among others.

Chibi Zoo Anime Nursery Ensemble, with monkey, zebra, tiger, elephant and hippo
Chibi Zoo Complete Nursery Ensemble & Crib Bedding Set

Baby Boy Bedding Themes

Jungle Animals – The jungle holds many exotic creatures. The colors and patterns of these creatures will make for very cute baby boy bedding and are sure to excite your baby’s imagination and senses. It’s also very easy to find lots of different stuffed animals, like lions, zebras and monkeys. You can make the nursery into a jungle zoo! Jungle, Zoo, Farm and animal themes are very popular, which means there is lots of material to choose from, whether you want to buy a ready made set (like the one pictured) or make your own bedding from themed fabric.

Moon and Stars – This theme will give your nursery a very soothing ambiance. The heavenly bodies in this theme will have a very calming effects on your baby. Optionally, you could also add spaceships.

"Wish I May" moon and stars 100% cotton baby bedding set
“Wish I May” Cotton quilted Crib Bedding Set

Transportation Vehicles – I will probably never be able to explain it, but for some reason toddlers just love transportation vehicles. You can try to prevent it if you want, but sooner or later he will each out his tiny hand to the cars passing by and mimic their sound, “Vroom vroom!”

Instead, just accept that you have a little daredevil on your hands and cater to this inexplicable interest he will sooner or later develop. Like the jungle animals bedding, the cars or trains in this bedding theme come in a lot of fun colors and shapes. It will be great for your baby’s senses.

Cartoon & Movie Characters – This should need no explanation. Kids just absolutely adore cartoon characters. Personally, I think a classic Winnie the Pooh nursery is among the best choices you could make. But that’s just me. Other’s prefer a Lion King theme, or even a bright Sesame Street Theme.  Decide for yourself.

How Long Will Your Baby Keep This Theme?

Classic Pooh 3-pc. Crib Bedding Set in Neutral Colours
Classic Pooh 3-pc. Crib Bedding Set

Something else to consider when choosing your theme is whether your baby boy is going to stay in this room – with this theme – as he grows into a toddler and preschooler, or the nursery is going to be used for another baby later, while you little boy moves into another room.

If the latter is true, you might want to consider a unisex nursery theme, in case your next baby is a girl, while if the former is true, consider whether you want to choose a theme that will last into your child’s grade school years, or you are happy to change the decor as your child grows older.

One option if you don’t want to have to change too much, is to choose a specific theme for the crib bedding, but carry it through the to walls, curtains and other furnishings only in colors, or not at all. That way, when your baby body grows into a big boy bed, he can have a new theme, with relatively little pain or cost to you!

Personalised Embroidered Baby Blankets make a Special Gift

close up of an embroidered blanket corner. Click to order.

Two examples of personalised embroidered baby blankets. Click to order.Embroidery can be simple or elaborate, but no matter how much embroidery there is on a piece of clothing or linens, what makes it really special is having it customized.

Sometimes the customization is as simple as having initials monogrammed into the corner of a baby blanket, and other times it can be very elaborate, like having someone embroider the edges of the blanket with a design you came up with (or doing it yourself!).

Custom embroidery is going to cost more, though, than having a basic pattern mass-embroidered onto the blanket, so choose your custom embroidery pattern carefully. You don’t want to spend money on something that you will not even look at a few months from now.

Companies that offer embroidered baby blankets will have different procedures for getting the pattern to them, so be sure that you do not assume you know what to do, but rather double-check each step to ensure you are not confusing the procedures from two different companies. If your pattern is hand-drawn, you will have a different procedure to follow than if you have one that is computer-generated. Embroidered baby blankets can also take time to do, so be sure to allow enough time if the blanket is a gift.

If you have created a custom embroidery pattern for several blankets, it can take time to get all of the blankets embroidered even if the company is using an embroidery machine. If you have a last-minute job, apologize and ask them about rush jobs. Those could cost even more, understandably, because they would have to move other jobs back in their schedule in order to fit yours in.

However, sometimes circumstances conspire to make something occur at the last minute, so do not be completely nervous that you will not be able to find someone who can take the job. If your first choice of company can’t do it, look for another company that can.

close up of an embroidered blanket corner. Click to order.A really nice gift can use an embroidery design that is linked to the family somehow. Maybe it is based on designs particular to the family’s culture, or maybe it has to do with their favorite hobbies; whatever you choose, if it is personalised this way, it will show that you really took the time to think about it, rather than grabbing a baby blanket off a store shelf.

This will also make your gift stand out among the many store-bought onesies and toy animals given by other people.

The blanket is also something that will remain usable for a few years because even when the child is a toddler, he or she will likely still be able to use the blanket, at least as part of a bedding set. Some children stay attached to their blankets for much longer, or it can be something that is kept by the parents for their child to pass on to the next generation. Those newborn onesies will not fit, but a blanket is always welcome on a cold night.

Note: One thing you should ask the embroidery company is if the dye in the thread will run when the blanket is washed. The last thing harried parents need is for all of their light-colored baby goods to turn pink or gray after being doused with dye. Having something embroidered with red thread is not a guarantee that dye will run out of the thread, but it is a risk. If the embroidery company says that the dye might run, ask about modifying the pattern’s colors or using a different type of embroidery thread.

The Benefits of Unisex Baby Bedding Sets

Sweet Jojo Designs 11-Piece Honey Bumble Bee Hive Yellow, Gray and White Unisex Baby Girl or Boy Crib Bedding Set Without Bumper
Sweet Jojo Designs 11-Piece Honey Bumble Bee Hive Yellow, Gray and White Unisex Baby Girl or Boy Crib Bedding Set Without Bumper
This sweet Jojo Designs 11-Piece Honey Bumble Bee Hive UnisexCrib Bedding Set has a 5 star review on Amazon

There is a wide variety of unisex baby bedding sets available on the market today from animal print baby bedding to the more classic or universal colors which of course aren’t gender specific. Parents opting for unisex baby bedding do not have to worry whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl and as an added advantage this kind of bedding can be used for any other babies that might come along.

Sweet, Wish I May Quintessential Cotton quilted 10 Piece Crib Bedding SetGoing for unisex baby bedding will obviously save you some money in the long run if you have children of different genders, as long as you choose high quality and durable materials when shopping for unisex baby bedding sets.

Consider buying organic crib bedding manufactured from high quality cotton, linen or silk. Organic materials like organic cotton or even silk might cost a bit more but the fabric is highly anti-allergic thereby protecting your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin against rashes and allergies. Remember that a baby’s skin is a lot more susceptible to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of the cheaper polyester/cotton variety for example.

Organic linen is another option, and provides good insulation in both winter and summer, but it has quite a different texture to cotton (see this article about a linen duvet cover for an explanation of the difference).

100% Organic Cotton 3 piece Baby Nursery Crib Bedding Set for boys and girls by Baby Owl
Full organic bedding sets are not so easy to come by. This 3 piece gender-neutral crib set is 100% organic cotton

Whether you are going for a unisex baby bedding set or not some experts are encouraging new parents to think out of the box and not go for the traditional colors and designs typically associated with the term “baby bedding”. Remember that the typical themes often become outdated once your children grow older which would mean investing in a new bedding set once again so keep this in mind when deciding on which bedding to purchase.

Of course, if you are buying crib (or cot) bedding, your child is going to outgrow it before too long anyway, so it’s more important to keep the general decor of the room neutral – you can change the bedding as your baby grows.

Merino Kids Organic Cotton Baby Sleep Bag For Toddlers 2-4 YearsYou can also limit your need for more than the basic crib or cradle bedding (ie a fitted sheet and mattress protector) by using baby sleeping bags or swaddling your newborn in something like the Cocooi Babywrap Newborn Baby Swaddle, which, being made from Merino wool, regulates your baby’s temperature.

So rather than going for the traditional baby girl or baby boy bedding set go and check out some gender neutral baby bedding sets and try to choose a theme, color or design which will last for many years to come and will not become outdated once your baby has grown a bit.

Baby Cribs Should Be Chosen With Safety in Mind

Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini CribMost families are very excited when a new baby is on the way. Getting the nursery ready and buying all of the things that will keep baby safe and comfortable are part of making the house ready.

This has been discussed in other articles here, but it cannot be emphasised too much: when purchasing baby cribs and other baby furniture, it is important to think about safety first.

The crib is where newborn babies and infants spend most of their sleeping time. Cribs should be chosen for their safety features rather than just their beauty. Heirloom cribs might not meet current safety standards designed to keep babies safe.

Baby Cribs should be sturdy, with sides that will not fall down when an older infant or toddler begins to pull up. The mattress should fit snugly to the sides of the crib to prevent a baby from becoming entrapped between the sides of the crib and the mattress.

One of the most important safety characteristics of baby cribs is the distance between the slats. There should be no more than 2 3/8 inches between the slats. This keeps a baby’s head from becoming entrapped between the slats. Corner posts should be no more than 1/16 inch tall to prevent a baby’s clothing from getting hung on the posts. There should be decorative cutouts that would allow entrapment.

Due to the importance of having a safe crib, it is important to purchase baby cribs and other baby furniture from stores that sell the safest products. Well meaning friends and family might have used or hand-me-down heirloom baby cribs that they would like to share, but some of these might be unsafe. The same goes for used baby cribs purchased at yard sales or used furniture stores. When this type of crib is purchased, it should meet the highest safety standards.

It may cost a little more to buy a crib that meets today’s safety standards, but keeping baby in a safe environment is priceless!

Farm Themed Baby Bedding-A Fun and Fresh Choice For Your Child

Nursery set up with Farm Crib Set and farm animal stuffed toys
NoJo Farm Babies 5 Piece Crib Set

That positive pregnancy test can bring feelings of joy and elation. However, it can also bring feelings of uncertainly and lots of questions. Which car seat should you buy? Should you choose cloth diapers or disposables. What should you name the baby? What theme should you choose for decorating the nursery? While we can’t help with all your questions, we do have a great decorating idea for the nursery.

If you love the country, you may want to consider using farm baby bedding for your little one’s crib. From barns to tractors, everything you could expect to see on a farmstead has been made into blankets, pillows, and bumpers. In fact, according to Just Kids Furniture, a website dedicated to designing bedroom items for children, the farm theme is one of the top ten most popular nursery themes for boys. It’s no wonder since it is so versatile and can incorporate a variety of colors and patterns. The motif is broad enough that it can easily include bedding with animals, tractors, or even a tasteful check, stripe or plaid pattern.

Take a look at any of the online baby bedding retailers and you will find entire pages dedicated to farm themed nursery bedding. Baby bedding manufacturers offer many different styles for both boys and girls’ rooms with colors ranging from bright primary shades to neutral creams and tans.

Even handmade marketplace, Etsy, gets into the action. At the time of this writing, there were over a hundred listings for handmade farm themed nursery items. Many of those sellers accept custom orders for you to get your dream bedding at a reasonable price.

As you can tell, farm themed crib bedding sets and accessories for the nursery are readily available from a variety of sources. Whether you choose to purchase online or in person, you are sure to provide your baby with a classic look and stylish accessories for their first bed.

Choosing the Ideal Baby Blanket for Swaddling

Green cotton bag with moby wrap tag.
The 42" x 42" Moby Wrap swaddle blanket is made from ultra-soft 100% stretch cotton and comes with a coordinating newborn hat

Researchers have found that a babies sleep better when swaddled with a baby blanket. The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) also reduces if babies are swaddled, and placed to sleep on their back. Swaddled babies sleep better on their backs than unswaddled babies, as the wrap helps calm their startle reflex. It also gives warmth, security and comfort to your baby, helping her to sleep better.

The blanket or wraps you choose to swaddle your baby in can also become a comfortingly familiar item when you put your baby down to sleep somewhere away from home, or go on holidays, even after she has outgrown swaddling. So choosing the ideal baby blanket for swaddling your baby is of great importance. See below for some blankets and wraps designed specifically for swaddling. But first, some factors you should consider when choosing the blanket.


The safety of your baby should be the prime concern. Overheating and swaddling tightly are two things that should be avoided. The fabric of the swaddle blanket must be breathable and lightweight to ensure that air can circulate through the blanket so that your baby doesn’t feel too hot. The fabric must be stretchable in order make sure that your baby can move without any discomfort. A cotton blanket or muslin wrap are both very good, breathable swaddling options.

It is ideal to use organic baby blankets for swaddling your baby. Organic blankets are made from purely organically grown fabrics which don’t contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The skin of your baby is very soft and sensitive. Even small amounts of toxic chemicals might cause allergies and other skin and health problems for your baby. If you do choose to buy organic, be sure the fabric is certified organic and that you are buying from a reputable supplier.

Four wraps
Aden & Anais 100% cotton muslin swaddling blankets, 47"x47"

Size and Design

The size of the baby blanket is another important factor. Usually swaddling blankets are square in shape. Often they are oversized to enable you to wrap the blanket more than once around your baby, like the miracle blanket, with it’s extra wide wings. A blanket that is too small will quickly be outgrown. But it should not be so big that it becomes too heavy and thick. Besides, if the blanket is too big, it will cause you difficulties while carrying it with you when you go for outing. For a standard square blanket, ideally, if you want the blanket to last past the tiny newborn weeks, you will want a swaddling blanket that at least one metre square (40 inches), but no more than around a 1.3 metres in width. Unfortunately, most baby blankets are less than one metre, or 40 inches, wide.

Another thing that you need to consider is that the blankets should ideally be machine-washable and durable as you will need to wash them frequently.

The design and color of the baby blanket you buy is your personal choice. Newborn babies can only see color in tems of contrasts, so pastels will not have much impact on your baby, but when you are choosing blankets for sleeping, that is probably a good thing. Extra stimulation is not what your baby needs at bedtime. But, if this is going to be a blanket your baby will keep for years to come, it is worth the extra effort of choosing an attractive design and colours that you like.

Specific Baby Blankets Designed for Swaddling

There are various different blankets and wraps and designed specifically for wrapping babies, from the miracle blanket, which is specially shaped to make it easy to wrap your baby snugly, to the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe which has a pouch for baby’s legs and feet, and arm flaps that use velcro to stay closed.

Swaddling with the Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Baby Swaddling Blanket, blue with green trim
The Miracle Baby Swaddling Blanket

Swaddling has become a standard answer to help calm fussy babies and to help induce sleep, but not all babies are easy to keep swaddled. Either they get loose after a few squirms or they are just get too active to allow wrapping in the first place. Then too, for new parents, overwhelmed and sleep deprived, sometime it’s just nice to have a product that makes things a little easier. That’s where the Miracle Blanket comes into its own.

Fortunately for the swaddling-challenged parent, there is now an easier way of swaddling. The popular method has been modified and made easy with this specially shaped wrap. It is still a baby blanket, it just makes swaddling easy.

The Miracle Blanket looks plain and simple but that’s what it is supposed to be. There are no buttons, snaps, knots, or zippers that can scratch a baby’s sensitive skin. It doesn’t have a hood or extra fabric that can make parents worry about suffocation or the risk of over-heating. Instead, the Miracle Blanket has been made very simple with the baby and parents in mind. The main idea is to help parents easily and effectively swaddle their newborn. A few flaps and fold and the baby will securely be bundled up ready to sleep soundly through the night. Then parents too can have a longer rest and with a well-rested child he or she will be better organised and less fuzzy and finicky the next day.

Swaddling newborns, and older babies up until they can roll, has proven to reduce the incidence of SIDS by making it easier to keep babies asleep on their backs, it reduces the startle reflex, and helps baby feel snug and secure just like in the womb. The Miracle Blanket makes swaddling easier and keeps baby snugly swaddled for longer. When baby is old enough to stop being swaddled, it might be time to consider trying some baby sleeping bags instead.

The Miracle Blanket is very well constructed. It is designed to be washed regularly and used daily. It is also built to apply slight pressure to the stomach to help with gas and colic. It is made from soft, stretch cotton and is over 6 feet wide.

For more help with getting your baby to sleep well, see Elizabeth Pantley’s sleep tips, or read her book The No Cry Sleep Solution.