Gorgeous Themes for Your Baby Boy’s Bedding & Nursery

Jungle bedding set with lion, giraffe and monkey design
NoJo Little Bedding Jungle Pals, 4 piece set

Picking the theme is one of the first and most fun choices a parent gets to make when they are designing a nursery. Many nurseries have a common theme that is reflected in the wallpaper, bedding, toys, etc.

Below is a list I have assembled of the most classic themes for baby boy bedding. They are great themes to use, although if you prefer a mix and max approach there is nothing wrong with that either!. You will have a much easier time finding corresponding nursery decor!


Keep in mind that cot bumpers are not recommended for babies under twelve months, as they can contribute to the baby re-breathing the same air, which is a risk factor for SIDS.

The same is true of pillows, stuffed animals, and loose blankets. Blankets should be tucked in tightly, with the baby positioned with her feet close to the bottom of the cot. Many people prefer to use baby sleeping bags in the first year to keep baby warm and safe.

Sleeping bags can also tie in with your nursery theme. Although you may not find one that matches perfectly, you can find zoo or jungle animal themed sleeping bags, moon and stars bags, and giraffe sleeping bags or even Winnie the Pooh sleeping bags among others.

Chibi Zoo Anime Nursery Ensemble, with monkey, zebra, tiger, elephant and hippo
Chibi Zoo Complete Nursery Ensemble & Crib Bedding Set

Baby Boy Bedding Themes

Jungle Animals – The jungle holds many exotic creatures. The colors and patterns of these creatures will make for very cute baby boy bedding and are sure to excite your baby’s imagination and senses. It’s also very easy to find lots of different stuffed animals, like lions, zebras and monkeys. You can make the nursery into a jungle zoo! Jungle, Zoo, Farm and animal themes are very popular, which means there is lots of material to choose from, whether you want to buy a ready made set (like the one pictured) or make your own bedding from themed fabric.

Moon and Stars – This theme will give your nursery a very soothing ambiance. The heavenly bodies in this theme will have a very calming effects on your baby. Optionally, you could also add spaceships.

"Wish I May" moon and stars 100% cotton baby bedding set
“Wish I May” Cotton quilted Crib Bedding Set

Transportation Vehicles – I will probably never be able to explain it, but for some reason toddlers just love transportation vehicles. You can try to prevent it if you want, but sooner or later he will each out his tiny hand to the cars passing by and mimic their sound, “Vroom vroom!”

Instead, just accept that you have a little daredevil on your hands and cater to this inexplicable interest he will sooner or later develop. Like the jungle animals bedding, the cars or trains in this bedding theme come in a lot of fun colors and shapes. It will be great for your baby’s senses.

Cartoon & Movie Characters – This should need no explanation. Kids just absolutely adore cartoon characters. Personally, I think a classic Winnie the Pooh nursery is among the best choices you could make. But that’s just me. Other’s prefer a Lion King theme, or even a bright Sesame Street Theme.  Decide for yourself.

How Long Will Your Baby Keep This Theme?

Classic Pooh 3-pc. Crib Bedding Set in Neutral Colours
Classic Pooh 3-pc. Crib Bedding Set

Something else to consider when choosing your theme is whether your baby boy is going to stay in this room – with this theme – as he grows into a toddler and preschooler, or the nursery is going to be used for another baby later, while you little boy moves into another room.

If the latter is true, you might want to consider a unisex nursery theme, in case your next baby is a girl, while if the former is true, consider whether you want to choose a theme that will last into your child’s grade school years, or you are happy to change the decor as your child grows older.

One option if you don’t want to have to change too much, is to choose a specific theme for the crib bedding, but carry it through the to walls, curtains and other furnishings only in colors, or not at all. That way, when your baby body grows into a big boy bed, he can have a new theme, with relatively little pain or cost to you!

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