Do Parents Need A Baby Changing Bag?

Many parents see baby changing bags as a necessity but others don’t use them at all. This begs the question – do parents actually need a baby changing bag? There are many good features designed into a purpose made baby changing bag that make life a lot easier. However, they may not be essential to what you need and you could find separate accessories elsewhere that can be used with any suitably sized bag.

You Need One

There are some funky baby changing bags available that suit many different tastes and styles. The key advantage of baby changing bags over just any bag is that they are designed to be useful for that very purpose. With separate compartments it is easy to sort clothing or accessories within the bag, making it easy to get to what you want. Many changing bags incorporate an insulated bottle pocket enabling you to keep bottles of milk or water warm for longer. Baby changing bags are frequently made from materials that are easy to clean or wipe. They will at some point have spills over them or in them and being able to wipe and clean is a definite plus. It’s all about accessibility and functionality with a baby changing bag.

You Don’t Need One

There are arguments and opinions against using changing bags supported by many parents. After all, it is just a bag for carrying stuff, right? In which case you could choose any nice bag that you like form a wider range available that will carry all that you need for your baby. As for insulated bottle pockets, what is to say that your bottle will actually fit? Or maybe you don’t even use a bottle. Or you may take more than one bottle and only have one pocket to use. You will probably find that most of the design features like changing mats and bottle warmers are available to buy separately. Again this gives you extra choices.

What Are The Alternatives?

The alternatives to baby changing bags are as diverse as you want them to be. Many parents go for a cheap, over-sized bag that everything fits into.  Just an average day pack will do. This saves money for other essential items that a baby or family needs. When a child gets older they could be allowed some independence by having their stuff in a toddler backpack. This will free you up to carry less and gives the child a sense of being all grown up. There are also purpose-made inserts you can buy. Simply put a reduced amount of baby items in one of these and it is still small enough to transfer from one bag to another. It also means you don’t have to take a whole bag to change your baby somewhere.

Whilst there are conflicting opinions as to whether baby changing bags are necessary it is really down to you as the user. If you think they are useful and make life easier then get one. It’s much like the arguements over needing a changing table (or not) or even a pram (or not). It may be a little pricier but you can benefit from it. If you want to save some money and don’t find the arrangement of a changing bag useful, use an alternative with added optional extras that you choose.

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