Guest Post: Furniture and Toy storage solutions for kids

toys storage bins on 4 tilted shelves, in bright primary coloursMy nephew had turned two and his parents finally decided to give his room a make over. We looked through lots of life style magazines, home interior décor books and so on. It was overwhelming to see the range of furniture available for kids.

We decided to first pick a theme for his room. Considering that he is a huge fan of spider man, we decided to go with spider man as a theme for his room. We picked up a spider man bunker bed, a small study table, a wardrobe which again had spider man all over it.

We purchased the furniture from a store near by and began decorating his room. While decorating his room we realized that his toys didn’t have a place to be kept in.

We began looking for toy storage solutions. We decided to focus on storage solutions which would be easy to use for him. A couple of things had to be kept in mind before picking up a toy storage unit.

The toys should be placed in a manner that they are not cluttered so shelves or drawers would be a good option. It would be nice if the toys could be visible from outside so transparent drawers would definitely help. The shelves/drawers must be located such in easy reach for my nephew.

We also considered buying him a toy cart which could be used to stack all the toys and then placed at a corner in the room. This cart could also be used to take all the toys to a different location like the living room or the back yard if required.

Another cheap alternative and the best toy storage solutions we found were boxes of different sizes which could be placed below the bed or kept in the corner of the room.

Since we were watching our budget and had already crossed it over by a considerable margin we decided to pick up the boxes …And finally there was a new room which my nephew looked at and said ‘It’s perfect, I love it.’

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