Saving During Pregnancy to Make Parenting Easier – 10 Tips

Expecting a baby can be one of the most exciting, rewarding, overwhelming and expensive times in your life. Preparing for the arrival of your baby and taking proper care of yourself during pregnancy, involves some additional expenses that are unavoidable.

Once the baby finally puts in an appearance, ensuring that your child has the best possible start in life can have an enormous impact on your financial circumstances. So how can you reduce the cost of parenting and make the whole thing more enjoyable?


You will need to separate your needs from your wants when deciding what you will need for your new baby. Stick to the basics. Check out parenting websites for a list of what you really need.


Sit down and write out a budget that takes into account all the extra expenses that are pregnancy related. This is particularly important for two income families that are planning to live on one income for a period of time after the birth of the child. Once you have a budget laid out, start looking for areas where you can shave off some of the expenses.

Start saving now

If you are planning to go from two incomes to one, try living off one income during pregnancy and saving the other person’s income. This will not only help you build up your savings rapidly, it will help you determine how well you will be able to manage on one income.

Don’t buy new

Borrow or buy used maternity clothes rather than spending money on a new wardrobe. Most pregnant women wear their usual clothing for the first three months and only need maternity clothes for the last six months. You can find gently-used maternity wear at second hand stores, consignment shops and garage sales or get them on loan from friends or family.

Baby clothes

Don’t go overboard when buying baby clothes. Baby clothes are cute but they are ridiculously expensive. Babies really don’t need much and they grow out of their clothes very quickly. You can often get gently-used baby clothes for free from friends and family or buy them for a pittance at garage sales.

The nursery

When decorating a nursery for your baby, keep it simple. The emphasis should be on creating a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment. Many of the items you need for a nursery can be borrowed or purchased used. Paint the room in a versatile neutral colour so that you can easily redecorate it as your child grows, by changing a few accessories.

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