Decorating a Nursery with an Art Poster for Every Character You Love

Two piece wall art, 5 giraffes
Cotton Tale Designs 2 Piece Play Date Wall Art

When you have a baby on the way, your attention will be focused on designing your baby’s nursery. There are mothers who would prefer to design their baby’s room with the traditional pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy. While others, prefer to have a room that is designed for both a girl and a boy. That is not a bad idea and it can help your growing baby adjust to the variety of colors displayed in the room as well as its contents. Perhaps you are on a budget, since you are saving for the medical expenses and baby needs once your baby is born, so choosing an affordable style for the room is a practical thing to do. You can have the walls painted in one pastel color and have an art poster for every cartoon character you would love to introduce to your baby.

The cartoon character portrayed in an art poster could be Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or even Pink Panther. Their 1 to 2 featured colors are great for a baby’s developing eyes and brain. Better yet you can use posters of unknown characters or orginal designs that have strong contrasts to help your baby’s developing eye sight. As they grow up they will be curious and fascinated wanting to watch, draw and hear stories about these characters.

Art 4 Kids "Silly Jungle Animals" Mounted Art Print
Art 4 Kids "Silly Jungle Animals" Mounted Art Print , 30"x17"

Choosing characters that they don’t have ready access to on television or through books is a good way to encourage your angel to be artistic and imaginative, creating stories of their own.It will also allow you to make up stories to entertain your little ones without the bias of ready made characters. Just make sure that these posters are hung by poster frames that will help preserve and maintain the condition of the posters from tearing, sagging and stains, dust and mold. The frames will also add style and depth into the nursery with your chosen frame designs.

Creating a nursery does not have to be expensive as an art poster as well as poster frames are very affordable. Remember, designing a nursery does not have to be expensive, but it should be beneficial.