What is a TOG rating? What should my baby wear?

A Tog rating is a European warmth rating. With few exceptions, the sleeping bags for sale on this site have Tog ratings. That is because the rating tells you very clearly exactly how warm the sleeping bag is – something now always obvious by touch alone. While adult duvets usually come with tog ratings of up to 9.5, baby sleeping bags are generally between 0.5, for very hot weather, to 2.5 for winter weather.

The following gives you a general idea of which rating to choose and how to dress your baby under the sleeping bag, however this is a guide only. You should always be led by your baby’s temperature. You should check your baby regularly to be sure they don’t overheat, and don’t add blankets to the sleeping bag.

What to wear:

Tog 2.5
Suitable for a nursery temperature of 16-20 degrees.
At 20 degrees baby will need only a long sleeve bodysuit. At 16 degrees you should add a full sleep suit or pajama set over the top of the bodysuit.

Tog 1.0
Suitable for nursery temperature of 20-24 degrees.
At 24 degrees a short-sleeved body suit will be sufficient. At 20 degrees at a pajama top.

Tog 0.5

Suitable for very hot weather, and a nursery temperature of 24-27 degrees.
A short-sleeved body suit will be suitable under the Tog 0.5 at 26 degrees.