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Using Baby Sleeping Bags

baby sleeping with knees drawn up in stripey light blue sleeping bag

Do you worry that your baby is too warm or too cold at night? Or perhaps check on her sometimes only to find she’s pulled the covers over her face? Or you go into your crying toddler to find he’s completely uncovered and freezing? The answer to all these dilemmas is to put your baby…

Your Baby’s Sleep: Swaddling Newborns

sleeping baby wrapped in a Cocooi Babywrap Newborn Baby Swaddle and Cap, Natural Color,

Swaddling newborns is an excellent way to make them feel safe and secure. Swaddling is the method of snugly and firmly wrapping your baby in a blanket or wrap. There are quite a few benefits of swaddling. Why swaddle? Firstly the baby is used to the snug environment inside the mother’s womb and will take…