5 Great Toys For Infants

Baby sitting up playing with the laugh and learn kitchen, opening the oven

Baby laughing in car seat with the Sunny Stroll arch over the seat,with Transparent sun prism, propeller and other toys visibleThe first 12 months of your baby’s life is a great period of growth. During this time, you want to choose toys that help babies develop their five senses. Toys that stimulate sight, sound, touch, and hearing are great. Choose toys that are colorful or make fun noises. Choosing the right toys for babies can be difficult. Here are some wonderful toys in 2012 that are best suited for babies.

Sunny Stroll

Here’s a colorful activity arc that clamps to just about anything. You can attach it to a car seat, stroller, or even high chair, since you can easily resize the arc. The twist clamps are secure and we like how you can easily position it forward and backward.

The Sunny Stroll helps children explore their different senses. The colorful animals and toys keep babies entertained. Kids are going to love spinning the propeller and gazing through the transparent sun prism.

Designed for babies five months and up.

My Discovery House

Ding Dong. Come inside and play with this fun play house.

Leapfrog My Discovery HouseOlder babies and toddlers are going to love exploring this little house from LeapFrog. The house is set up like a real house and there are five areas to explorer including a kitchen and bathroom.

Kids can push the doorbell and turn off the lights. It introduces them to basic cause and effect. They will love opening, closing, pressing, and turning the various elements. There are plenty of songs, stories, and sounds to keep babies entertained.

My Discovery House is the perfect busy toy designed for babies six months and up.

Infant sitting up playing with the poppity pop musical dino, which is about half his sitting height.Poppity – Pop Musical Dino

This fun colorful dinosaur toy come from Fisher Price.

When you turn it on, it starts playing music but the fun begins when you place the six colorful inside the dinosaur’s stomach. It’s a fun popping toy. Some of the balls will roll out of the dinosaur’s mouth, but some of them will randomly fly in any direction. Kids will have to chase after them.

Kids will be attracted to the bright colorful balls and music. It’s a great way for getting infants up and active as they develop their fine motor skills and senses. The Poppity-Pop is designed for infants 6 months and up.

Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

Baby sitting up playing with the laugh and learn kitchen, opening the ovenLittle kids are going to love pretending with this fun play kitchen from Fisher-Price. With four different modes of play and 20 different songs, there are so many different activities that kids can do with this interactive toy.

On one side of the toy is a refrigerator. Turn the toy around and you’ve got a complete kitchen. Open up the refrigerator door and you got an even bigger play set. Kids are going to love flipping switches and stirring what’s cooking; sorting shapes and ‘posting’ food into the fridge . Don’t forget to check the oven!

It’s a great toy for introducing infants to numbers, letter, colors, and shapes. It’s even got a Spanish mode. Babies 6 months to 36 months can laugh and learn with this fun learning kitchen. Click on the image to visit Amazon and see a video of the toy in action!

Winfun Grow With Me Musical Walker

Musical walker toy that a baby can walk behind, with detachable phone and other activities to play on the frontGet your baby off the floor with the fun Musical Walker from Winfun. It’s great for helping your little one with their sense of balance. Kids are going to love playing with all the different colorful gadgets and toys on it. They can touch different areas to hear different sounds and music. It’s even got a phone and piano on it. We love how they are detachable.

Make learning to walk fun and exciting with this colorful walker designed for babies 6 – 36 months.

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