Personalised Embroidered Baby Blankets make a Special Gift

close up of an embroidered blanket corner. Click to order.

Two examples of personalised embroidered baby blankets. Click to order.Embroidery can be simple or elaborate, but no matter how much embroidery there is on a piece of clothing or linens, what makes it really special is having it customized.

Sometimes the customization is as simple as having initials monogrammed into the corner of a baby blanket, and other times it can be very elaborate, like having someone embroider the edges of the blanket with a design you came up with (or doing it yourself!).

Custom embroidery is going to cost more, though, than having a basic pattern mass-embroidered onto the blanket, so choose your custom embroidery pattern carefully. You don’t want to spend money on something that you will not even look at a few months from now.

Companies that offer embroidered baby blankets will have different procedures for getting the pattern to them, so be sure that you do not assume you know what to do, but rather double-check each step to ensure you are not confusing the procedures from two different companies. If your pattern is hand-drawn, you will have a different procedure to follow than if you have one that is computer-generated. Embroidered baby blankets can also take time to do, so be sure to allow enough time if the blanket is a gift.

If you have created a custom embroidery pattern for several blankets, it can take time to get all of the blankets embroidered even if the company is using an embroidery machine. If you have a last-minute job, apologize and ask them about rush jobs. Those could cost even more, understandably, because they would have to move other jobs back in their schedule in order to fit yours in.

However, sometimes circumstances conspire to make something occur at the last minute, so do not be completely nervous that you will not be able to find someone who can take the job. If your first choice of company can’t do it, look for another company that can.

close up of an embroidered blanket corner. Click to order.A really nice gift can use an embroidery design that is linked to the family somehow. Maybe it is based on designs particular to the family’s culture, or maybe it has to do with their favorite hobbies; whatever you choose, if it is personalised this way, it will show that you really took the time to think about it, rather than grabbing a baby blanket off a store shelf.

This will also make your gift stand out among the many store-bought onesies and toy animals given by other people.

The blanket is also something that will remain usable for a few years because even when the child is a toddler, he or she will likely still be able to use the blanket, at least as part of a bedding set. Some children stay attached to their blankets for much longer, or it can be something that is kept by the parents for their child to pass on to the next generation. Those newborn onesies will not fit, but a blanket is always welcome on a cold night.

Note: One thing you should ask the embroidery company is if the dye in the thread will run when the blanket is washed. The last thing harried parents need is for all of their light-colored baby goods to turn pink or gray after being doused with dye. Having something embroidered with red thread is not a guarantee that dye will run out of the thread, but it is a risk. If the embroidery company says that the dye might run, ask about modifying the pattern’s colors or using a different type of embroidery thread.