Tips For Helping Your Toddler Sleep

The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Gentle Ways to Stop Bedtime Battles and Improve Your Child's Sleep, Elizabeth Pantley Author of The No Cry Sleep Solution,

The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Gentle Ways to Stop Bedtime Battles and Improve Your Child's Sleep, Elizabeth Pantley Author of The No Cry Sleep Solution,Getting my 2-year-old to sleep was one of the most daunting challenges I ever had to face. It seemed that his energy picked up exactly at the wrong time. With that aside, handling the tantrums that came with waking up in the middle of the night and transitioning back into a peaceful sleep was another issue altogether.

It was time to do some research to find out how to get over this hurdle in his development. With a bit of consultation and advice from my own mother, tips from other experienced mothers and some Internet research, here are a few tips I found that can help your toddler sleep better.

Create a regular sleep cycle/routine

With toddlers, it’s all in the regularity of what happens at sleep time. If you child grows to expect nap time as part of his regular daily activities then rather than fight it afresh each time it comes up, he goes to sleep more willingly which means less stress and better sleep for longer periods. Try creating a pattern such as a slow down period of reading books and perhaps singing quiet songs before naps, and a longer routine before bedtime such as dinner, then a nice bath, followed by brushing of teeth then maybe you can allow your toddler to pick out a nice storybook and his pajamas, as it can make him more willing to participate if he feels involved.

Allow comfort objects in bed

Does your toddler have a favorite blankie or teddy? Let him bring it to bed. If there is any way to make bedtime more pleasant and easier, then make the most of it. At this stage of life, it is a well known fact that comfort is one of the most important needs that one can satisfy in their toddler.

In some instances, co-sleeping is the ultimate form of comfort a parent can provide for their toddler. If a child wakes up in the middle of the night due to nightmares or just for a normal break, it helps to know that someone they trust is nearby and helps them transition back into sleep much faster and more peacefully.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When it comes to comfort objects, pick items that won’t pose a health risk. Teddy bears and other toys may pose a choking hazard if they’re too small or may cause bruises if they have rough/sharp parts. In other instances, blankets and teddy bears may cause respiratory problems if they shed. Allergies to fabric or materials used to make the comfort objects also need to be taken into account. And these objects should be left out of bed when your child is still a baby.

Regulate what your baby has at dinner or for snacks before bed

Sugar only serves to raise the energy levels that are supposed to be bundled up at bedtime. The level of sensitivity to sugar and caffeine for toddlers is such that even healthy yet sugary foods should be avoided before bedtime. This includes fruits and vegetables and sweet nuts. Natural juices should also be checked for sugar levels to avoid giving baby a fresh jumpstart right when he should be settling down. Try warm milk with dinner instead of juice.

These are just some of the simple I learned for how to get your baby to sleep through the night.

Our guest writer for this post, Mary, is a mother of two and a regular blogger at Miracle Maternity

Kids Bedroom Furniture: Tips On Choosing Beds & Bunks For Kids

Attractive dark wooden bunk bed with staircase and trundle
Attractive dark wooden bunk bed with staircase and trundle
The Merlot Twin Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle has a five star customer rating on Amazon

Sleep is such an important part of life for children. Many children suffer from a lack of good sleep and the results are not fun for anyone- cranky kids can be whiny or even hyper. They don’t perform as well in school as rested kids and they tend to leave their parents feeling frustrated and exhausted. For many kids, a new and exciting bed might be enough to make going to sleep a lot more appealing. Here are some tips on choosing good beds for kids.

One of the most exciting options is getting bunk beds for kids. Kids love to climb up on top and today’s bunk beds are a lot safer than they used to be, although you still have to follow the instructions and age guidelines set by the manufacturer. This is perfect for kids who share a room and it’s also a great way to save some space because you don’t have to place two beds side by side or use a double bed in the room. For this reason, bunk beds have maintained their popularity in kids bedroom furniture for many years. A captains bed provides a similar space saving function, with it’s drawers underneath.

One rendition of the bunk bed that can be adapted to rooms where only one child sleeps is the loft bed. The child still gets to enjoy all the fun of climbing up to the top bunk to go to sleep while you get the benefits of saving floor space in the room. Instead of having another bed in the bottom, a loft bed has a piece of furniture under it such as a desk or some drawers or cabinets. Sometimes kids with small rooms are forced to do their homework on the bed, which isn’t an ideal situation and not good for their backs either. With this type of kids bedroom furniture, the child has their own space to work that is separate from their bed.

Another variation on the bunk bed is the L shaped low-line bunk. In this case the top bunk is only around a 120cm (4 feet) off the ground, and the bottom bunk only has one end under the top bunk. This is the system we used when our three year old moved in with her older brother (aged 7). We felt that having a full size bunk bed was simply not safe with a three year old sharing the room, but couldn’t fit two beds in the room without removing all the other furniture. With this system not only could we manage the two beds, but the half of the top bunk not over the bottom bed had space under it for a good size set of drawers, and room at the back for a kid to hide!

On the down side, changing the sheets on the bottom bunk in this system was even harder than for a normal bunk bed, as the foot end of the bottom bunk only has about a one foot clearance under the top bunk! However, the two beds are completely structurally separate, so eventually we will be able to move the top bed into a separate room and use it as a loft bed, with lots of storage space under, making the set a good long term investment for our kid’s rooms.

Theme beds are popular with toddlers who are moving from the crib to their first “big kid” bed. This can be a scary and confusing time for your young one so getting a fun bed can really help make it something to look forward to. Princess beds are a lot of fun for girls. Boys can’t seem to get enough of the toddler beds shaped like cars and trains. These beds usually have removable sides that keep toddlers from rolling out until they are old enough to sleep in the bed without barriers.

Buying your kid the right bed will pay off for you and your family because you won’t be dealing with a tired kid and you will even get more sleep yourself! Take the time to choose a well-made bed that appeals to your child and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Choosing kids bedroom furniture that works for your house and your children can be time consuming, but in the end, it’s worth getting it right.