The Benefits of Unisex Baby Bedding Sets

Sweet Jojo Designs 11-Piece Honey Bumble Bee Hive Yellow, Gray and White Unisex Baby Girl or Boy Crib Bedding Set Without Bumper
This sweet Jojo Designs 11-Piece Honey Bumble Bee Hive UnisexCrib Bedding Set has a 5 star review on Amazon

There is a wide variety of unisex baby bedding sets available on the market today from animal print baby bedding to the more classic or universal colors which of course aren’t gender specific. Parents opting for unisex baby bedding do not have to worry whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl and as an added advantage this kind of bedding can be used for any other babies that might come along.

Sweet, Wish I May Quintessential Cotton quilted 10 Piece Crib Bedding SetGoing for unisex baby bedding will obviously save you some money in the long run if you have children of different genders, as long as you choose high quality and durable materials when shopping for unisex baby bedding sets.

Consider buying organic crib bedding manufactured from high quality cotton, linen or silk. Organic materials like organic cotton or even silk might cost a bit more but the fabric is highly anti-allergic thereby protecting your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin against rashes and allergies. Remember that a baby’s skin is a lot more susceptible to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of the cheaper polyester/cotton variety for example.

Organic linen is another option, and provides good insulation in both winter and summer, but it has quite a different texture to cotton (see this article about a linen duvet cover for an explanation of the difference).

100% Organic Cotton 3 piece Baby Nursery Crib Bedding Set for boys and girls by Baby Owl
Full organic bedding sets are not so easy to come by. This 3 piece gender-neutral crib set is 100% organic cotton

Whether you are going for a unisex baby bedding set or not some experts are encouraging new parents to think out of the box and not go for the traditional colors and designs typically associated with the term “baby bedding”. Remember that the typical themes often become outdated once your children grow older which would mean investing in a new bedding set once again so keep this in mind when deciding on which bedding to purchase.

Of course, if you are buying crib (or cot) bedding, your child is going to outgrow it before too long anyway, so it’s more important to keep the general decor of the room neutral – you can change the bedding as your baby grows.

Merino Kids Organic Cotton Baby Sleep Bag For Toddlers 2-4 YearsYou can also limit your need for more than the basic crib or cradle bedding (ie a fitted sheet and mattress protector) by using baby sleeping bags or swaddling your newborn in something like the Cocooi Babywrap Newborn Baby Swaddle, which, being made from Merino wool, regulates your baby’s temperature.

So rather than going for the traditional baby girl or baby boy bedding set go and check out some gender neutral baby bedding sets and try to choose a theme, color or design which will last for many years to come and will not become outdated once your baby has grown a bit.

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