Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

So, you’ve been invited to a baby shower. But what do you get get the new mom? You could check the registry, or get the same old cute baby clothes. While appreciated, it’s not the most unique thing in the world. So, what do you do when you want something truly unique?

Diapers will always be needed, but here’s a twist on the old standard: a diaper cake. These look like cakes, but they’re made completely of diapers. To make one, you stand the diapers on their side and line them up in a circle. You start with a large circle on the bottom, and do subsequent layers with smaller circles. To provide structure at the center of the cake, you can use packages of wipes. Then, for a cake topper, use a small stuffed animal, rattle, or teething ring.

Another unique gift, that you don’t see very often, is a silver plated certificate tube. This can be engraved, and therefore personalized with the baby’s name and birth date. As a baby shower gift you’ll have to give an IOU the engraving, since you won’t know the name and birth date yet. However, the certificate tube is also a good baptism gift.

Don’t forget that not all gifts have to be for the baby directly. You can also get gifts for the parents. A gift certificate to a restaurant that delivers, an offer of babysitting, or a gift certificate for housecleaning would all make great baby shower gifts. Finally, if you know what kind of camera parents have, you can get them an extra memory card, or several rolls of film.

Baby showers are fun times, but sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly what to get. You can get something for the baby, or something that the parents can enjoy, and will help them with a baby. With a little bit of creativity, you can give a truly unique baby shower gift.

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