Buying a Cheap Double Pram

side-by-side double stroller
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A double pram is an essential item on your baby shopping list if you’re expecting twins or if you already have a baby or young toddler and you’re expecting a second child. However a pram is likely to be one of the more expensive items on your list, particularly a tandem or twin model, and thrifty parents will be looking for ways to keep the costs down. It may seem an impossible task to find a cheap double pram but if you’re not too specific about the model that you buy and you know where to look, it is possible to get significant savings.

One of the first steps to take in order to keep the costs of buying a pram down is to stay away from the designer makes. Double prams are available from many manufacturers but some of the trendier and popular brands will often have large price tags and are not always better than cheaper alternatives. Remember that a pram is a functional item and you shouldn’t just consider it as a fashion accessory, especially if you are looking to save a bit of cash.

It is worth reading a few reviews online to see which prams are really worth the money and which models you’re paying a premium for the design or the name. Often certain models of pram become popular because they are very user friendly so if you have your heart set on a particular model, don’t despair. Baby shops often offer large discounts on certain items, especially if the manufacturer releases a new model or color and you can often find double prams / pushchairs on sale.

Keep an eye out for baby clubs for new mothers and special offers that will give you coupons and money off codes for shopping online. If you’re spending a lot at one particular store the discounts can be quite significant.

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